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    Comment from Memeotis on 6/20/2010


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    Comment from Memeotis on 6/20/2010 Empty Comment from Memeotis on 6/20/2010

    Post by Krusader72 on Sun Jun 20, 2010 11:01 am

    Last night I was playing a series of games in Acquisition as Raven in the usual fashion; sleeping through Corvus Research, getting pounded at Aralkum and rolling over Elk Bay. When you play these games routinely, you zone out. Well, ARx made me snap out of it. These guys are genuinely good players and they forced me to step up my game. I don't know how good their aim was, they did shoot me a couple of times, but all of the players I met, were amazing at dodging bullets by using the environment to their advantage. They held our platoon off at stealing the vehicle, and when you looked at the crowd of Valor players that was defending the escort vehicle garage, you could clearly pick out who was ARx and who wasn't.

    If you feel like you've got what it takes, and you feel you are quick on your feet, join these guys.

    Hopefully I'll see more of you guys in the future.

    PS. Note that I rarely give compliments to other players - I think this might be the first time!

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